Colorado's Premier Adventure Snowmobile Tours

Our Tours Meet at our Downtown Office, 201 Elk Ave, Crested butte, CO 81230

Riding Double

One of our most popular tour options is riding double because it reduces the per-person cost, allows riders a chance to switch drivers, and share in the experience. Riding double is also perfect for families with kids under 14.
OPEN 11/23

Private Tours

Private tours are perfect for small groups who want to explore with a guide on their own. On a private tour you can expect to venture out beyond the typical tour experience, enjoy private powder stashes, and quite trails all to yourself.
OPEN 11/23

Colorado's Premier Unguided Snowmobile Rentals

For guest who would prefer to explore the Colorado backcountry at their own pace, our unguided snowmobile rentals provide an excellent opportunity to do so.

If you have previous snowmobiling experience and would like to go out on your own, a snowmobile rental might be an option.

Please note that we do not recommend unguided rentals for families with small children or anyone who is not capable of digging out a snowmobile should it become stuck in deep snow. We also do not recommend unguided rentals unless you are familiar with the backcountry around Crested Butte. Please keep this in mind when making your decision.
Additionally, we require an open credit card deposit on all unguided rentals. You are responsible for any damage done to the snowmobile.

Learn more about unguided options at Colorado Adventure Rentals

Is this how you want to spend your day snowmobiling? Consider our custom guided tours to get the most bang for your snowmobiling buck! 

Guided vs. Unguided FAQ

Q: What is the deal with Unguided vs. Guided rentals?
A: An Unguided Rental is when you simply rent a snowmobile and take it out on your own. A Guided Rental is when a local guide rides along on his own snowmobile accompanying you while you are snowmobiling.

Q: What do most people prefer, Guided or Unguided?
A: In the Crested Butte area, Guided Rentals are by far the most popular. Over the last 14 years, approximately 92% of all persons renting a snowmobile had a guide accompany them.

Q: Why do most people prefer to have a Guided Rental?
A: Some of the many advantages of Guided Rentals include:

  1. Safety. The number one reason to take a guide with you is safety. The backcountry around Crested Butte is full of potential hazards ranging from avalanche zones, to thin ice, to deep snow and gullies. Your guide can help steer you away from these areas, greatly lessening the chance of you or your loved ones being caught in a dangerous situation. Also, a guide will keep you from becoming lost in the forest. Your guide is also there to assist you in the event of a medical situation or in the event of mechanical problems with your snowmobile.
  2. The Best Riding Locations (and those secret powder stashes) are often located in areas you might not find on your own. A guide can take you there without wasting your valuable vacation time. (Have you ever tried to read a map while riding a snowmobile?).
  3. More Fun. The local guides can give you riding pointers which will improve your riding ability, making it easier for you to handle more challenging terrain, thus making your ride more enjoyable.
  4. Less Work. Your guide can assist digging out your snowmobile if it becomes stuck in deep snow.

Q: Can all snowmobile rental companies offer Guided rentals?
A: No, not every company can legally offer guide services. Only those companies permitted by the U.S. Forest Service may operate guided tours and rentals in the Gunnison National Forest. In the Crested Butte Area there are two permitted companies:

Action Adventures Snowmobiling . . . . . . . . . .(970) 349-5909
Burt Rentals Snowmobiling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (970) 349-2441

Crested Butte Snowmobile Rental and Cancellation Policy


A 50% deposit is due at the time of reservation and the balance will be due and charged on the 14th day prior to your snowmobile tour date.

For reservations made within 14 days of the snowmobile tour date, payment in full is required.


  • lf you must cancel your reservation and we are notified at least 14 days prior to your scheduled tour time, we will refund your payment in full. If you are a no-show or cancel for any reason less than 14 days prior to your scheduled tour time, we cannot refund any portion of the payment. All sales within 14 days are final and non-refundable.  Snowmobile Central Reservations cannot be held responsible for and will not issue refunds for personal inconveniences, health-related issues, family emergencies, injuries, winter road conditions, public transportation delays, traffic jams, or inclement weather.  When you make your reservation we are reserving a space for you and now turning away other potential guests.